Eco-Friendly Oral Care Bamboo Brush

Eco-Friendly Oral Care Bamboo Brush

Now we are standing at the edge of complete environmental destruction. Climate change is real, and plastic is one of the elements that have caused this devastation. So, we are in dire need to save the planet to protect ourselves and the environment. One of the ways to protect the environment is abstinence from using plastics. Plenty number of people have decided to create a plastic-free environment. They have agreed to refrain from using materials made of plastic.

However, one needs a substitute for materials made of plastic. Vietnam has stopped using plastic straws and cutleries. They have started to use strays made of grass. You must be pondering how you can contribute to creating plastic-free nations. At the same time, you must be thinking what will you use as the substitutes of plastic-made products.

Bamboo Brush Eco-Friendly Oral Care

A brush made of bamboo and charcoal can help you during toothache. Now you can stop using the plastic tooth-brushes that you have been using for a long time. The bamboo brush is easy and comfortable on teeth. Using this eco-friendly dental care is like following the baby steps to create a plastic-free environment.

Bamboo Brush: Everything You Need Know

The holder of the tool-brush is made of bamboo. In addition to this, the bristles of the brushes are specially made. The hairs contain charcoal. The bamboo brushes are 17.5  c.m. long. Their width is 1.3 c.m. They will weight around 10g.

The cost of the bamboo brushes will range from $15.49-$17. Moreover, you can get this worldwide without using any shipping cost.

Eco-Friendly Dental Care

Unlike plastic, bamboos are bio-degradable. They mainly consist of fibers. The main component of fibers is cellulose. The microorganisms degrade the cellulose using their cellulose-degrading enzymes. Hence, the bamboos won’t harm the environment.

Moreover, charcoals are carbon compound. They will return to environmental cycles and contribute to ecological processes. Charcoals do not harm the environment.

You can start your day with this eco-friendly dental care. As they say, “Morning shows the day.” We are sure with little more efforts you will spend your whole life in a more eco-friendly way.

Deep Cleaning

Charcoals absorb dirt. They have more surface area that helps them to incorporate more elements. Moreover, charcoals have anti-microbial properties. They kill the bacteria or absorb them. The charcoal-made bristles clean your teeth thoroughly. Unlike, plastic brushes, you don’t hurt your gum with the hard bristles. The bristles of the bamboo-brushes don’t hurt your gum yet thoroughly cleans your teeth. Additionally, the charcoal bristles help you to whiten your teeth.

The bristles of the plastic brushes are also made of plastics. Now you don’t have to put the harmful plastic polymers in your mouth. The charcoal bristles of the bamboo brushes are more healthy and hygienic. Moreover, it gives you better oral hygiene.


If you are concerned about the environment and feel the dire need to save the planet, using this eco-friendly dental care is the least you can do. Go green and save the world.

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