Environmental Pollution Facts: What You Need To Know?

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The environment is being polluted, and its pollution can lead to an extreme disaster for our future. Pollution has been around since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, but we are seeing a new era of environmental degradation that is alarming and concerning for us all. A pollution is a form of adding a kind of substance/energy to the environment at a rate higher than it takes to perish or break down until no more harmful.

There are three types of pollution named on the environment they pollute Air, water and land pollution.

Water Pollution

As Earth is made up of 71% of water bodies, it has become the dumping ground for whatever waste is created by humans. Sewage disposal leads to contamination of water which, as it is harmful to public health, depletes the oxygen level required for aquatic life to survive. Plastic has its own pollution category now, is not far behind with harming aquatic life and disrupting the ecosystem of water bodies. Plastic takes a lot of time to decay, and due to its wrong disposal into the oceans, it has been discovered that garbage patches are forming over certain parts of the ocean consisting mainly of floating plastic materials. 

Air pollution

Air is polluted by the continuous burning of fossil fuels which generates harmful gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone(complex gas), etc. These gases are harmful to human beings as the particulates may get stuck in the lower part of our lungs and create cancerous cells in the body. ‘Ozone’ is the name given to the gas, particularly to say that it depletes the ozone layer, which protects us against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Land pollution

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Ever thought about what happens to the waste we create on a daily basis? We, humans, generate around 700gms per day, and if you are from a developed country, the waste you create might go up to 4.34 kgs. Land pollution happens when we dump the garbage in an open area which leads to soil damage and underground water pollution. Also, an infestation of plague causing animals and unpleasant smell around the whole area are few other pointers. After a while, it leads to the creation of methane gas, which is both poisonous and combustible. 


“The Earth does not belong to Man. Man belongs to the Earth.”

The above Environmental pollution facts raise the question: Do we, as humans, have the capability to face one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century? We have the challenge in front of us to create a balance between the nature we have around us and our needs so that both the worlds can coexist. 

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